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Thursday 16th April 2009 ~ Nurse - the Screens !

37563 emerged from its hibernation last night replacing 37565 on Y14 and another revived Gemini, 37578, did K2 today following repairs after the 'deer' incident. With the saga of 37565's faulty destination screen now running into a seventh week, I had erroneously assumed that it had been taken out of service for correction. Wrong ! Tonight it turned up back at King's Lynn on the second part of Y8 having replaced 37573 at Lowestoft. A quick check revealed it has now amassed 51,977 miles since entry into service on 30th October last and it sat outside Vancouver Avenue tonight with 'Ot in Service' on the front ! Six of the Lynn Geminis have fallen due for services this week, 37570/2/3 category 'A' and 37574/7/9 category 'C'.
Timekeeping was better today with the maximum lateness recorded being K4 which was delayed by congestion approaching Wisbech at 17.00 making it almost 15 late with 20105. The Premiere count was down slightly today and in service were 20103 (K19), 20105 (K4 as stated), 20107 (K16), 20126 (K20a only - stopped with a door fault), 20127 L12 and another believed to be 20131, but possibly 20121, which did L11 forward from Lynn to Lowestoft at 12.42 following the failure of 37568 with its door alarm buzzer activated again. Jamie V noted 37566 on the Gorleston shuttles for the second consecutive day. 20351 & 20352 were K17 and K3 today as booked.

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