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Wednesday 15th April 2009 ~ Three In A Row

For the first time for many years, 20121 is now a King's Lynn vehicle. Here she arrives at Wisbech this evening to work the 17.01 to Peterborough (K4).
After yesterday it was pretty predictable that B10Ms would feature prominently again and today we had a mere six plying their trade on the X1. Lowestoft produced 37574 for their first turn, but the other three (L11, L12 & L13) were all B10Ms. L11 was seven minutes late with 20103, L12 three late with 20105 and L13 on time with 20107. The other coaches came out of King's Lynn and these were 20121 on K4, 20127 on K18 and revived 20126 on K19. Last night 126 gave up at Vancouver Avenue on L13 and passengers were transferred onto a Gemini which Bruce saw passing Walpole ten minutes late.
There was a maintenance swap today with 37574 on L9 being changed for 37577 at 11.42, while 574 after servicing did the light turn to Norwich (K20b). The two available Profiles returned to their usual turns today with K17 getting 20352 and K3 20351. Timekeeping was average, K15 with 37575, K5 with 37569 and K18 with 20127 were all seen around 16 minutes late, but in contrast, 37571 on K7 was two minutes early departing Wisbech as the 15.31 to Peterborough and 3 minutes early as the 17.09 to Lowestoft (a very rare turn to run early). Jamie Vendy reports 37566 on shuttles and later 37572 on Y21.
Michael Bryant says the latest 'First' fleetlist shows some reallocations in the B10M fleet. 20106 which was last seen about 2 months ago is shown as 'unfit for traffic', 20121 is now allocated to Lynn, 20123 to Norwich Vulcan Road (along with the elusive 20115), while 20124 is still at Ipswich. Incidentally Bruce points out that the new 'First' handbook continues to show incorrect registrations for two of the B7 Profiles.

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