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Wednesday 29th April 2009 ~ Like It Should Be

The blog would be very brief if all days followed today's pattern. Sixteen of the B9s were out and B7s 20351/2, both of which incidentally finished on the coast last night - my reference to one doing K17 yesterday was an error and should have read K18. Fifteen consecutive turns were viewed by either Bruce or myself with the exception of Y10 which should have been 37566. Later tonight 37564 off Y9 was on this turn, so may be a swap similar to Mondays was effected.
Peter saw 37565 ready to work K1 07.00 from Peterborough this morning, still with the faulty destination screen reading 'Owestoft'. 20351 was Y8 and 20352 L11. The first B10M noted was 20107 on the second part of K16 (09.55 ex Lowestoft), 37573 is believed to have done the first part of this turn and it later appeared on the second leg of K4, the 13.25 ex Lowestoft. K4 had started with 37572, so may be this went onto an X2 ? Only one other B10M was in evidence today, that being 20126 which did K18 - a turn which should see it terminate at its own home depot of Yarmouth. Many thanks to Rob Brooks for a comprehensive report on early evening turns and as ever to Bruce who would like to point out that it was he who spotted the Scania first yeterday. So you really are a bus spotter Bruce !!


Anonymous said...

20353 back at yarmouth from duffields along with 20103 mot and 20126 and 20127 on service here

Sam Wickham said...

20107 noted on the early X2s yesterday