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Saturday 25th April 2009 ~ All Is Calm

37564 near Walsoken on the last 'proper' L13 07.45 from Lowestoft. Traditionally a B10M turn, from Monday this turn will be renumbered L12
37567 arrives at Walpole Highway today on the 08.49 to Lowestoft (K1) . Still carrying a Mars Planets advert, only five B9s now retain this.

Yes not a lot to report today really. I didn't see or get reports of all 18 turns, but the seven originating from Yarmouth & Lowestoft were all Geminis. King's Lynn almost had enough B9s to cover too, but I think K18 was possibly a B10M and I would guess at 20126. Any reports to the contrary would be welcome.
37564 was 13 late on the 10.59 King's Lynn - Peterborough, but other services seen were nearer time.

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