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Thursday April 23rd 2009 ~ Short and Sweet

L13 12.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft makes haste through Walpole Highway with 20107 today.
20104 was today's vehicle on K18, seen here near Walsoken with a good payload.

37576 was used on K1 today and has had new ads fitted for Nokia on the drivers side and EasyJet on the passenger side. During the day 37566 & 37578 also appeared with the new Easyjet ad affixed. 37571/2 still seem to have escaped acquiring any bodyside adverts. Bruce visited Lynn today and reported 20121/131 at Rowan Road whilst Andrew says 20121 later worked on the 40 and 20123 was out on the 41. Bruce saw 37572 (MOT) and 37569 (K20) at Vancouver Avenue.
There was a slight reduction in B10M activity today with K18 getting 20104 on the 10.25 ex Lowestoft having replaced whatever King's Lynn sent out (quite probably 20103). K2 was 20127 and L13 20107 throughout. There was a big delay to Y14 at lunchtime, due off Wisbech westbound at 12.01, it was seen departing 31 late with 37577, otherwise things ran fairly well.
Finally Andrew says that London Road came to a stand in King's Lynn this evening after a pedestrian was fatally injured. This adversely affected the X1 as well as local services. L9 which is due to depart Lynn for Peterborough at 17.59 was seen on the return trip 10 late (37573) which is very unusual, so this was probably one of the services delayed.

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