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Tuesday 7th April 2009 ~ Hush Hush

Despite the fact that the current X1 timetable expires on 25th April, First Group still haven't advertised the new timetable which should come into effect then. If rumours are true it should mean 22 vehicles are required and longer turn round gaps at Lowestoft and Peterborough.
Today 37570 appeared on K1 confirming my suspicion that it had replaced 20351 on K3 yesterday. The B7 came out of Yarmouth this morning on Y8 which is normally the bus off the previous evening's K6. 37578 which was K6 yesterday then turned up on Y10. Ryan confirms 20353 as being at Duffields, but on a visit to Yarmouth today Jamie Vendy says that the facility there has closed and customers are being redirected to the Norwich branch. 20352 meanwhile did K4. This left the two regular B7 turns uncovered, so 37571 - presumably fresh off MOT - was utilised on K3 and K17 was (by elimination) either 37572 or a B10M.
20104 was on L12 today and tonight K20 was 20107 as Lynn had run out of B9s. Another B10M (probably 20103) did K19 but this was swapped for 37565 tonight. Jamie V reports 20130 languishing at Vulcan Road and also present there today was former X1 stalwart 20123. Ryan says 20126 is back at its Yarmouth base now.

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Sam Wickham said...

X2 timetable is just the same; nothing on their site on the buses (might be now but I doubt it) Lovely rumor floating round of all sorts of cutbacks; pretty much the Sunday timetable will be run 7 days a week!