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Monday March 30th 2009 ~ British Summer Time

One could be forgiven for thinking that FEC drivers had advanced their clocks yesterday by 1 hour and 2 minutes, as today this seemed to be almost the standard time. Unheard of was the occurence of K5, K7 and K1 - the 15.01, 15.31 & 16.01 departures from Wisbech to Peterborough all departing 2 minutes early. K1 was also 2 minutes early when seen at Walton Highway this morning heading East. The vehicle was 37573.
Rob B reports seeing 37565 at Thorney early this morning on K5, but by this afternoon it had swapped and was 37570, obviously released again today from Volvo and presumably having replaced 565 at Lynn. There were other swaps today too, for the second Monday running L11 was a Lynn B10M with 20109 working out of Lynn westbound at 09.59 - I hesitate to say it after being proved wrong last week, but this must have replaced 37575 at Lynn. L9 on the other hand had 37574 which was swapped at Lynn for 575 for the 11.42 departure to Lowestoft, with 574 then being provided for K20b this afternoon.
Des confirms the failure of 20353 on Saturday afternoon near Yarmouth and 20126 which replaced it was not seen today, so may well have been K19. Apart from 109 mentioned above, B10Ms on mainstream X1 diagrams today were 20107 on K2 and 20104 on L12. The other two Profiles returned to their rostered work on K17 (351) and K3 (352).
Timekeeping as implied earlier was excellent today and worst performer seen was K15 12.31 Wisbech - Peterborough with 37579 which was 7 late.
B9 advert list is as follows
37563 Planets / BobBooks/-
37564 New In Town / Haunting In Connecticut/ -
37565 Young Victoria /-/-
37566 Planets/ BobBooks /-
37567 Planets / BobBooks /-
37568 Planets / -/Emissions
37569 Planets / BobBooks / -
37570 Creme Egg / -/-
37571 NIL
37572 NIL
37573 Creme Egg /-/-
37574 Planets / Bob Books/-
37575 Planets / Haunting In Connecticut/-
37576 Planets / BobBooks/-
37577 Young Victoria /-/-
37578 Planets/-/-
37579 Planets / Bobbooks/-

37565 continues in service with its faulty destination display

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