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Friday December 4th 2009 ~ That Friday Feeling

Punctuality on Fridays has always been suspect of course. Today things began well and continued reasonably in that vein until late afternoon when the sheer volume of traffic on the roads coupled with the incessant roadworks resulted in K15 14.56 Wisbech to Lowestoft being exactly 30 minutes late with 37574. Other delays noted were Y7 with 37568 which was 17 late returning from Peterborough this morning and 20107 which did K2 was late by a similar margin at teatime. 34108 came out on Y9 with 37158 on Y13 and 37159 on K3. 37562 had a safety service and consequently did the last departure from Lynn, K5.
Y13 is a bit of an odd turn. It starts as the 'Y' suggests at Yarmouth at 07.30 and does a short run to Lowestoft before getting into its stride with the 08.15 thence to Peterborough. This morning, 37566 is believed to have done the first bit with 37158 taking over at Lowestoft. This meant 37566 could undergo a scheduled service.
Reports received recently indicate that the heating may not be working on several of the B9s. This has not been too much of an issue so far, but temperatures have been relatively mild and one hopes it will be resolved if we get a cold snap.

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