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Monday 21st December 2009 ~ Fragments

Today's report has been collated from various sightings sent in. I had my staff party this afternoon and at least it was overlooking the route from a distance. We had a pop quiz and somebody (not me) had the bright idea that teams should be awarded bonus points if they were the first to spot an X1 !! Now admittedly I had imbibed a little, but there did seem to be some very long periods without any being seen at all.
Coming into Wisbech at lunchtime, it soon became apparent that all was not well. At 13.08 37568 was leaving Wisbech Horsefair for Peterborough, while another service following was visible approaching on Lynn Road. Viewed from the pub about 10 minutes later, 37159 was seen also Peterborough bound and I foolishly assumed this was the bus I'd seen in the distance on Lynn Road. Rob Brooks says "Here are my early afternoon sightings from Wisbech bus station :
37562 parked up at Horsefair 1200, but gone by 1250
37573 1226 Wisbech - Lowestoft d1249
37568 1248 Wisbech - Peterborough a1303 d1307
37569 1318 Wisbech - Peterborough a1314

So it would seem that 37568, 37569 and 37159 all headed for Peterborough within 10 minutes of each other !! These are therefore believed to have been on Y13, K14 and K15. If so Y13 was running 49 late. Rob's sighting of 37562 would seem to point to it having done the 12.26 to Lowestoft, but this doesn't tie in with 37573.

Other pub sightings were 37570 on L11 12.56 Wisbech - Lowestoft running 28 late and later at 15.23, 37569 heading for Lowestoft having overtaken 37568 which was now a minute behind it. These services were now a staggering 89 and 59 late, so had obviously become embroiled in more congestion while en route to and from Peterborough. Although I could not make positive identifications the following were then seen :
16.09 B9 to Peterborough (possibly K1 19 late)
16.17 B9 to Lowestoft (possibly K17 27 late)
16.33 B9 to Peterborough (possibly K2 13 late)
16.41 B9 to Lowestoft (believed to be K18 21 late)
17.36 B7 to Peterborough (K4 ? 16 late)
18.19 B9 to Lowestoft (K2 returning ? 20 late)

Bruce adds, "I saw the 37569 and 37568 double act on my way into Wisbech at 15.34. On arrival at the bus station 37579 was lurking 'out of service' on the X1 stand with the driver cocooned in his bus on the phone with all the lights on. Half hour later it had moved over to the far side with all of the lights out. 37565 was seen heading to Peterborough just before 17.00 and at 17.24 37567 was passing over the level crossing on the Wisbech bypass, heading for Peterborough but again Sorry Not in Service ! L10 passed the house tonight a good 30 mins late if not more".

If 37567 used the A47 Wisbech bypass, it might explain the big gap in services I noted between 16.41 and 17.36. Bruce adds that of morning services seen, most were about 15 late.

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