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Wednesday 16th December 2009 ~ Rudimentary

Straight forward sort of day today with pretty good timekeeping. Bruce reports that both K16 with 37157 and K18 with 37160 avoided the villages this afternoon while heading west. 37157 was 6 late returning. Worst performer for punctuality was K14 with 37566 which was 15 late in both directions. 37564 was seen by Bruce departing Wisbech via the A1101 on the 18.22 to Peterborough (L8) due to an accident on Cromwell Road.
Jamie R has had a rant about the 'total lack of heating on the elephants'. He adds 'I wouldn't recommend anyone to travel on the X1 in cold weather and older folks might get hypothermia, it is shocking'. Any comments from those who know about this sort of thing would be welcome.


Jamie Vendy said...

Well i tell you what my experience back in Nov of last year was bad enough -_- When i got stuck in all that snow plus they were just finishing that Roudabout off between Dereham and Norwich aswell. I have to agree with Jamie i would not reconmend traveling on the X1 at any period during this cold front to be honest beecuase the lack of heating makes the journey somewhat uncomfortable but yet they advertise extra comfort?! Thats my rant anyway hehe.

Anonymous said...

I agree - there appears to be no heating at floor level on either deck. Upstairs a very noisy fan somewhere at the back blows cold, or if you're extremely lucky, tepid air around. On one of the B7's recently, it was so noisy, I had a headache after 45 minutes. The only place to be at all warm is in the raised seats downstairs near the engine, where after a while, your head gets too hot, and you feel dizzy with an unpleasant smell of sickly hot plastic.