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Tuesday 22nd December 2009 ~ Freezing Minus Seven

Today was an incredibly cold day after further overnight snowfall. Even by 09.30, the temperature was still -5'c. Credit to 'First' then for giving a service under what must be trying circumstances.
There were clearly a few swaps at Lowestoft yesterday as this morning King's Lynn produced 'The Beast' that is 20107 for K1 and Royale 34108 on K16. Most B9's are thought to have worked today, but not completing full turns.
20107 itself was changed at Lowestoft for 37574 for example. K2 with 37575 was only 2 late this morning, but this afternoon arrived at Wisbech 42 late at 16.55. K4 started with 37567, but as this was at Vancouver Avenue this evening, clearly didn't complete the job. There is also some confusion re K5. It began with 37570 and is believed to have come back west with 37567 off K4. From observations, it seems that this came off at Lynn and 37565 then worked to Peterborough and back. 37565 had done K18 but was 60 late arriving in King's Lynn and a replacement had worked forward as the 17.02 to Lowestoft.
Morning services from the coast produced as follows : Y6 37159 13 late returning from Peterborough, Y7 37 156 16 late returning, L8 37576, Y9 37566 just 4 late going west, but 25 late coming back, L10 20126 !! 13 late, L11 37564 11 late to Peterborough, 25 late going back, L12 37572 already 13 late going to Peterborough and Y13 37577 which was 19 late passing Walpole for Peterborough, but made up a little time to be 16 late to Lowestoft. Other sightings were 34108 departing King's Lynn empty eastbound at 17.40 (K16 which it should have been is due to depart at 16.02. 20126 was still on L10 tonight but was on time, 37159 had graduated from Y6 to L8 and was only about 5 late.
Evening services have generally been poor punctuality wise this week due to the combination of delays earlier in the day and the freezing temperatures.

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