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Wednesday 23rd December 2009 ~ Slipping and Sliding

The icy conditions worsened this evening, when despite temperatures actually touching a balmy 2'c, heavy rain landing on untreated roads made for some hair raising moments for unsuspecting motorists. It is a tribute to the 'First' drivers that there haven't been more incidents like the one this evening where 37572 slid whilst calling at Thorney and damaged the offside rear bodywork. Damage was slight, but the bus was taken out of traffic for examination.
37567 was once again despatched on K4, but for the second day running ended up back at Lynn, so it must have been replaced at some point. Another strange swap befell 37576 which started the day as K17, but finished on Y13. 34108 is believed to have replaced it on K17. 20126 was sent back east on K2.
Evening services were delayed again and 37564 on 20.50 Lynn - Peterborough was 18 late and 37576 on the 21.50 (Y13) 10 late. 37566 was quite oddly used on K3 which is normally reserved for a Lynn vehicle as it returns there in the evening.

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