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Sunday 27th December 2009 ~ Cold Turkey

Very little to report - things seem to have operated quite smoothly in the milder temperatures experienced today. Bruce reported 37158 on the 08.30 from Yarmouth and this completed the diagram ending up at King's Lynn just before 22.30 this evening where it was able to join all the other B7s, 37156/7/9/60 which had congregated there over Christmas. The current mileages according to the hub meters on the B7s are :
37156 135,900
37157 131,400
37158 144,900
37159 130,600
37160 144,400

37567 on the 21.27 arrival at Lynn from Peterborough is believed to have been swapped for 37573 which had come in on the terminating 20.44 arrival from Lowestoft. Other services had 37566/8, 37572/4/6/7/8.

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