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Saturday 5th December 2009 ~ Taking the Test

20109 has joined the ranks of doomed B10M coaches at Rowan Road now. 20131 is also seen here and just visible 20123 which may get a replacement engine and be reinstated. Also here is 20104 out of the picture. The Trident, 32850 is awaiting parts and will then return to Norwich.
37569 passes through Walpole on L12 today. On Saturdays this just comprises of a Lowestoft - Peterborough return trip. Note the rear destination box working, an increasing number of B9s have this facility out of order and 37567 has been like this for sometime.

Gemini 37570 has returned from tests at Volvo in Norwich and today did K19 for at least part of the diagram, however, it was taken off at Lynn at some point during the day and 37578 took its place. Punctuality was average today, but B7 37158 was 17 late at Walpole Highway on K3 16.33 to Peterborough tonight. An entirely low floor service today was avoided by the use of 34108 on K4. 37566 was L8 off servicing and thus giving 20107 a day off.

The demise of 20109 on Monday was interesting. It had been seen on K5 in the morning and it was taken off for its afternoon schools work. It was on this duty that it expired at Heacham and Monday was a bad day for schools as 20121 also failed, at Dersingham with flat batteries.

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