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Thursday 3rd December 2009 ~ First the Bad News !

Heard today that the problem with 20109 is worse than feared. Completely out of the blue, the engine has seized and it doesn't look good. 20105 which was originally taken off the road for MOT prep has now been reassessed and instead, repairs are being effected so that it can last until its MOT expiry on February 4th and then - as things stand - be withdrawn. The Hunstanton schools contracts are currently in the hands of 20106/18/21. 20107 is still in regular X1 use - indeed the only one in this respect and today, it replaced 37578 at Lowestoft on K3 thus ending up at King's Lynn this evening. 20115 was last reported at Norwich and Jim informs me that 20500/1 have at last turned up there, rather unexpectedly accompanied by B10M 20102 (ex Essex also). As Lynn are expecting three coaches now, it would seem likely that it will be this trio.
Some good news involves withdrawn 20123. This is likely to be reinstated when time permits using parts from withdrawn examples.
Gemini 37570 disappeared off to Volvo for tests today, but such was availability that only three diagrams on the X1 started out with other vehicles. These were 34108 on K18, 37159 on L11 and 37158 on K16. The loan Gemini 37562 did K17 for the third successive day. Yesterday's replacement for 570 was in fact 37572 which has returned from Full Circle after bodywork repairs.

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