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Sunday December 6th 2009 ~ Diversion Ends

37159 running late this afternoon seen passing Walpole Highway
37568 heads east on the 13.05 from Peterborough this afternoon. Nearly all B9s are carrying the two adverts shown for T Mobile and Warehouse Express.

The B198 at South Brink, Wisbech was reopened today after strengthening to the flood defences. this should aid punctuality on the X1, which again today was not brilliant. Services from the east were all a little late through Wisbech. 37159 had a rare run out on a Sunday and was 12 late on the 13.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough. More variety was provided by 34108 which appeared on the 07.30 from Yarmouth and later 15.48 from Lowestoft.

Volvo loan vehicle 37562 has had a good week and amassed over 2250 miles being out every day until today.

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