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Wednesday 2nd December 2009 ~ The Curious Case of the Missing Buses !

We asked you to send in your photos of Santa ! - Alright I made that bit up, but here he is anyway at the helm of 37159 on K16 passing Walpole Highway this lunchtime.

Now here's a strange one - Bruce decided to have one of his X1 vigils today, but was dismayed to find that several services seemed to avoid his gaze by missing the villages and one assumes making up time by using the A47 dual carrageway. Here is the list of absentees not seen from his observation tower with times due at Walpole Highway :

K4 09.35 to Lowestoft : Seen going west with 8 late with 37573 but not seen returning
K5 10.05 to Lowestoft : not seen
L8 11.35 to Lowestoft : Went over 9 late with 37564 but didn't come back
L12 11.33 to Peterborough : not seen
So a pretty poor show for the village stops today. Maximum lateness achieved by buses that DID run was 37574 18 late on L11 11.03 westbound and 37568 13 late on K14 14.35 to Lowestoft.

L12 turned out to be 34108 and this was operating slightly late tonight on the 20.50 Lynn to Peterborough. K5 had 37576 fresh from servicing.
Strangely tonight I didn't see K4 17.18 Wisbech - Peterborough which I normally pass on the way home from work. It either didn't run or was at least 28 late. The latter would seem unlikely as 37573 was just about on time when viewed at Hardwick on the 19.35 Lynn - Lowestoft.
20107 was sent out on K1 this morning, but was replaced at Lowestoft by 37565 off an exam. 20107 then went on to the X2 and Michael Bryant viewed it on the 14.08 from Lowestoft. Most exciting sighting on the X2 today though was ex King's Lynn Leyland Olympian 34921 (G121YEV)which is on loan to Lowestoft currently and did the 13.38 from Lowestoft to Norwich.

37572 is still away receiving bodyside repairs and this afternoon 37570 was taken off K18 pending yet another visit to Norwich Volvo. It looks suspiciously as though 20109 replaced it. One B10M definitely seen today was 20118 which had an outing to Peterborough and back on L10 10.15 from King's Lynn instead of 37563. The B9 returned to the duty later and 118 was back in time to resume schools duty No. 4. The other two Hunstanton schools turns today were 20106 and 20121.

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