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Thursday 17th December ~ An Icy Blast

With bad weather forecast, today's X1 experienced the calm before the storm. Nothing in excess of 10 minutes late was recorded until this evening and once again a 100% low floor day seems to have been the order.
K5 was not noted today, but B7s out were 37157 on L10, 37160 on Y13 and 37158 on K18.
Snow fell in Norfolk this evening and en route back from a Christmas party, I saw Y13 21.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough running 25 late near Bruce's flyover, now with 37567 and with 'Wisbech X1' on the front. This presumably meant it was to terminate there. It stopped near here for the driver to converse with his counterpart on L10 21.05 from Peterborough which departed Wisbech 28 late with 37157 as booked. Snow had settled on the route at Walpole Highway. Tomorrow morning could be interesting.......

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