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Wednesday 30th December 2009 ~ Swap Shop

Yes numerous changes today to allow for safety services and maintenance. One turn which was unaffected though was K1 which had today's sole B10M (20107 of course) all day. To compensate for Lynn servicing 37568 yesterday, today 37562 was dealt with at Lowestoft. 37563 reappeared today after its adblu problems and did L8 which was on time this morning but unusually 12 late this evening on the 20.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft.
Almost every turn seemed to change vehicles at King's Lynn this morning, so here is a summary of what seems to have happened :

Y9 in with 37575, taken off for servicing, 37570 forward to Peterborough at 09.45
L10 in with 37579, taken out of traffic, 37578 off a safety service forward to P'bo at 10.15
L11 unknown vehicle in, 37160 forward to Peterborough at 10.45
That wasn't all though as 37570 suffered a broken window en route so at 12.32 it was replaced by a serviced 37575 !
Later in the day 37565 had an air problem at Norwich while working Y6, so 37570 with new window went to take over the turn. 37565 was brought back to King's Lynn for attention.
Timekeeping was fair today and only K18 with 37156 bucked this trend being 16 late on the 14.48 Wisbech - Peterborough and considerably more than that on its return.

An unexpected turn of events which will delight some took place today. B10M 20123 was moved from Rowan Road compound where it has been resident since August 19th, to Vancouver Avenue for inspection to see whether it can be returned to traffic. It is likely that an engine transplant will be required if this is to come to fruition. King's Lynn were today using coaches 20105 and 20106 on the fast service X40 to Hunstanton and with 20105 due to be withdrawn next month plus the schools requirement resuming shortly, vehicle shortages would seem likely. It is interesting that 20123 has been prioritised ahead of Castle Rising fire victim 30902.

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