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Tuesday December 29th 2009 ~ Bingo Bus

Back to a full X1 timetable today, but because of maintenance schedules some strange goings on. Timekeeping was quite good, exceptions were 37573 on L10 which was 10 late leaving Wisbech on the 10.48 to Peterborough, 17 late returning, but on time this evening and misfortune befell K16 with 37157 which Jamie Robinson says was in Queensgate exactly 30 late 'not in service'. He left on 37574 on K17 and 37157 went empty to King's Lynn.
37568 was given a safety service at King's Lynn today, despite it being a Lowestoft vehicle and due to the displacement caused by the holidays. K2 had an interesting day, 20126 began the turn with the 06.10 Lynn - Peterborough but was later changed at the coast for 37572, this in turn came off at Lynn for the aforementioned 37568 to go forward. 568 was back later though doing the final part of 37579s turn on K19.
37570 on L8 came into Lynn at 18.43 but it looks like 37158 took over. B7 37160 was outside Vancouver Avenue this evening with 'Regent Bingo' on the blinds display while 37156 was sidelined with an air leak at King's Lynn today. Old stager 20107 was still on the road and worked Y13, this turn starts at Yarmouth at 07.30 and finishes at King's Lynn at 00.28 !

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