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Monday 7th December 2009 ~ The Adventures of 20118

Despite being an 'old school bus', 20118 had an interesting day today. It began the day on Schools Contract 4 and after completing the duty was commandeered to take the 16.15 X1 from King's Lynn to Peterborough after B7 37159 had received superficial damage on the turn. Late this evening 118 was joined by 20106 for a trip to Ely to cover rail replacement work on the route to King's Lynn. This work is scheduled to take place nightly until Thursday.
There was only one other swap today. With 37567 due for a safety service, it was taken off Y9 at Lowestoft and replaced by Royale 34108 for the 15.55 to King's Lynn.
37570 had a successful day on the road on K19 following last weeks visit to Volvo which was to have its adblu tank flushed out and injector adjustment. The other B9s will be having the adblu flush over the next few weeks. B10M Beast 20107 was out again today on L10, but B7s 37158/160 were locally employed at King's Lynn.

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