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Thursday 10th December 2009 ~ West Walton X1s

A rather shaky photo of 37578 passing the King of Hearts pub at West Walton this afternoon during diversions.
A bit of scouting about at lunchtime revealed that the X1 was being diverted via West Walton village. Services from the coast turned right at 'The Highwayman' and then went down past Marshland High School to West Walton church before turning left to take the Walton Road into Wisbech. I was getting ready with my camera at 14.04 when unexpectedly 60863 of all things appeared heading for Lowestoft on what was either L12 running 27 minutes late or Y13 3 minutes early ! Shortly afterwards 37578 came through on K17 (see picture). As 578 had started the day on K18, it would seem that it probably overtook K17 which was 37575 first thing. K18 came back with 34108 according to Steven. Tonight L12 had 37566 and Y13 was 60863 which formed the 21.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough.

37158 came over on L11 this morning but was changed at Lynn for 37577 which was out for the 65th consecutive day.

20107 performed on K2 and must have done a phenomenal mileage on the X1 this year. Considering the diversion, things weren't too bad timewise, but 37564 was 22 late returning on Y6 this morning. Bruce says the average delay was only 10 minutes.

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