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Tuesday 8th December 2009 ~ Destination 'Service'

Sam saw Paragon 20501 in Norwich this morning, it was running round with that famous old Eastern Counties destination on the front "Service". How long before we actually see it in real service I wonder ? He also saw Royale 34108 on an X1 which turned out to be K16, but it didn't last the day on this and was for some reason taken off the turn at Lynn at 15.57. It looks like either 20105 or more likely 37159 off repairs worked forward.
There were maintenance swaps occurring again today. 37562 was running very late on K5 this morning and was changed at Lowestoft for 37568 off an exam. L10 began the day with 37569, but this needed a service too and was changed for 37566. To complete the jigsaw 566 started on Y6 and then jumped a few turns to end up on L10 leaving 37562 to do Y6.
37160 returned to X1 duty today after a break - it was last out on the route on November 30th. It did K3 today. Finally news of 20107 which did K4. It was very late this evening on the 16.45 from Lynn to Peterborough and was 15 late returning. By 20.00 services were back to normal with the 20.10 from Walton Highway to Peterborough and 20.08 to Lowestoft both running a minute before time with 37566 and 37562.
The new roundabout on the B198 is nearly complete now and the road is to be closed tomorrow at this point for further work. It is assumed X1s will travel via the slip road at Walpole Highway and the A47 bypass to reach Wisbech as the route via West Walton church is probably not suitable.

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