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Friday May 7th 2010 ~ No Overall Majority

The X1 could, I suppose, be described as a 'Hung Service'. The B9s operating with support from the B7s plus the B10Ms and occasionally one of the two Paragons.
There was much debate on the East Anglian Bus Board recently about the possibility of 20501 being 'transferred' to First Essex. 20500/1 are part of a general pool it would seem with Rail Replacement being their prime function. They only seem to return to King's Lynn when maintenance is necessary.
John Wilson says "This morning the 3 coaches on bus station were 20118/20121 and 20501. Cannot guarantee the B12 came from Hunstanton schools, but looked like it did.  Yesterday 20109 was in use, as I met her returning from Hunstanton schools pm and last Tuesday morning, I was fazed to see 20123 in from Hunston - had not seen her in use for many moons".
It looks as though 20123 is still poorly as it has been in Vancouver Avenue the past couple of days. With 109s MOT having expired, 20501 must have been the only option for the third schools run today.
Yarmouth's 20126 which hasn't been on a full X1 since March 11th was being borrowed by Norwich today. Picture from Rob Brooks
Here she is ! 20115 on a 29 seen in Norwich by Rob this afternoon
Chris Dugdell reports on East Anglia Bus Group that 20115 which is still at Norwich was seen "out and about on the last X3 to Watton on Wednesday afternoon this week. It does this after operating the 901 from Hellesdon High School in the afternoon". Rob Brooks was at Norwich this afternoon and says "37572 arrived Norwich 1745 to Lowestoft on K16, 37566 arrived Norwich L10 1751 to Peterborough, 20127 arrived Norwich 1754 off a X2 and......20115 departed Norwich 1750 on an X3 !".
37572 photographed in Norwich by Rob Brooks on K16 and below 20127 having a more restful moment on the X2.

Today was notable in that the B9s finally got their act together with 37562 - 37579 (37571 excluded of course) all in X1 action for the first time since March 15th. There were a couple of swaps with 20107 on K1 being replaced by 37563 at Lowestoft and 37574 failing at King's Lynn with a relay needing replacement on Y6 and Paragon 20501 being a surprise choice to take over. This means 20501 will overnight at Lowestoft.

Ian writes "Hi Gerard, Just thought I'd let you know that I'm playing around with Google Earth now and I've created an overlay with Bus and Coach locations on it. Everything from Depots, Bus Stations, Scrap Yards, Museums. I would welcome any help with locations that I don't have - I have created a googlegroup to make it easy to spread the info around and if you'd like to join me (and give a plug on the blog if you can!!) then please do.
I welcome everyone who is interested. Thanks, Ian.

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