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Monday 24th May 2010 ~ B10Ms, More Gloom

A bonus extra day off before I return to X1 hq tomorrow saw me visiting Bruce early this afternoon. 37573 was the chosen B9 to replace the ailing 37562. Note the butchered Easy Jet advert.

Quite amazing, Bruce and myself are busy chatting away and suddenly realise half an hour has passed and yet another X1 is due, this time under blue skies. K18 & 37160 passes by with a driver conscious of the camera !

One of my Yarmouth correspondents who keeps his ears to the ground was in touch today with more bad news for B10M Premiere fans. Apparently driver trainer 20129 is awaiting a decision as to whether repairs can be authorised and a similar scenario could well be the case for X1 standby 20126. Former X1 babe 20128 is standing in for driver training duties in the meantime.
The prospects of finding ex First Essex 20102 on the X1 are diminishing rapidly. Sam says it is being repainted white for schools (I thought school buses were yellow ??) at Bury St. Edmunds and it is intended to replace 20124 at Ipswich which it would seem is terminally 'blown up'.

Back to the X1 then and today Paragon 20501 was used on K5 to give a little variety from otherwise Gemini saturation. 37574 is on MOT this week and 37562 was not at King's Lynn garage this evening, so may be berthed at Ford & Slaters or possibly at Volvo for its repairs.

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