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Monday 10th May 2010 ~ Holiday Thoughts

Every 30 minutes or so at work these days, I find myself dreaming of far off destinations (well farther away than Peterboro' and Lowestoft anyway), it might be Paris or Madrid, or may be Paris and Amsterdam or even Faro, Malaga and Alicante. This is all down to the latest Easy Jet advertising campaign which features three (and not two as reported previously) groups of holiday destinations, which, providing there is not a volcanic dust cloud in the vicinity, can be accessed by the said budget airline. All the B9s and (quite probably) the B7s too carry a version of this advert currently.
Today punctuality was poorer than usual, particularly in the middle of the day. 37569 on Y9 11.05 from Peterborough was 9 late, but 20127 - again performing to cover the shortfall - was just 2 late. L11 12.05 ex P'bo was 11 late with 37573 and L12 12 down with 37157. Y13 had a change of vehicle at Lynn with 37570 coming off for a scheduled service and Paragon 20501 deputising. Even this was 13 late and the nadir was reached with K14 worked by 37564 at 15 late, all times at Wisbech. Things improved after this timewise. 37156/7/8 were all on X1 duties today, while absent B9s were 37567/8.
37573 was noted in use today (and on Saturday) with part of its Easy Jet advert missing.

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