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Tuesday 4th May 2010 ~ Unanswered Questions

Somehow B10M 20127 made yet another return visit to King's Lynn yesterday - not sure how, but it looks like it replaced 37570 at Lowestoft. Today 20127 worked K1 all day, but when Bruce saw it at 15.35 it sounded quite unhealthy, however, it survived the day and was on time departing Wisbech on the 15.48 to Peterborough. Meanwhile K4 started the day with 20107, but this was rested at Lowestoft and was then spotted by Michael Bryant on a schools contract run. Its replacement was 37565.
K5 had 37158, but when I saw this turn at 17.35 it was a B9 which although not positively identified, looked like 37566. Now 566 had been on K2 this morning, but this afternoon this turn had 37570 ! Added to all this B7 37160 which had been seen on Lowestoft depot on Sunday morning was tonight at Vancouver Avenue. but with all incoming diagrams from Lowestoft accounted for. Some very odd goings on then, all of which can be explained quite logically by the operators, but not by me.
Paragon 20501 worked K3 today, 7 late this morning and 14 late this evening, but (unusually for a B12) this was the worst delayed service seen today. 37562 did one of its quick trips to Peterborough, 8 late from Wisbech on the 14.18 to Peterborough, but only 4 late coming back and earlier 37576 on the 10.18 (Y9) did even better, 8 late outward and 3 late returning. This afternoon, K19 seemed to take an alternative route in and out of Wisbech as I didn't see it in either direction. This was 10 late with 37574 passing Bruce, but on time returning through Walpole Highway.
A rash of new rear adverts for Kwik Fit's ability to provide car owners with cooler air-con appeared overnight. 37567 appeared in traffic today without an advert on the nearside - may be the gusty winds over the weekend were responsible ? The official line is that adverts cannot be removed until a replacement is ready to be fitted.

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