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Wednesday 5th May 2010 ~ TLC Required

Bruce and myself awaited eagerly this morning to see what would turn up on Y6 05.50 Yarmouth - Peterborough as this is normally the bus off the previous day's K1 which in this instance was 20127. We weren't to be disappointed as just a few minutes late 127 passed by. Jamie R was a passenger on it from Wisbech and I paused on my journey to work at Wisbech bus station for a photo of 127. It arrived with a badly squealing fan belt and I later had a text from Jamie saying "This bus is making a lot of noise when it goes round bends - sometimes buses just keep on going when it's time to retire and call it a day". Oh Dear ! Better not tell Bruce that. 127 was last seen this evening, still on Y6 leaving Terrington slightly late and still kicking and screaming. If it completes Y6 it will have travelled 465 miles today.
Yesterday 37563 was used on K15, as I have said before it is very rare for Lowestoft B9s to be used on King's Lynn 'internals', but especialy so in the case of K15. In fact it was only the second occasion this year (the other was when 37567 was used on March 19) that this turn has not started the day with one of Lynn's 3757x Geminis. Things were back to normal today though with 563 on K2 and K15 with 37575.
Paragon 20501 was K3 for the second day in a row, this time 10 late this morning and 3 late this afternoon. Punctuality was pretty good today, but K16 with 37577 left Wisbech for Peterborough two minutes early at 13.16. This is not the first time 37577 has run early - may be its dashboard clock needs adjusting ?
An unidentified B9 Gemini - believed to be 37574 - was over the pits at Vancouver Avenue at lunchtime being examined by at leat 6 fitters including a Volvo engineer. 37 158 was back on K5 today and 37566 absent, so may be I was imagining things yesterday (see previous blog entry).
37568 is having another holiday and has appeared on the X1 on just one day since April 20th.
Syd says "Hi Gerard,  As you like to follow the old girl, I thought you may be interested that 20107 has unusually spent the day on Lowestoft locals…operating the 1613 and 1813 Ser 99 to Southwold this evening and then booked to work the 2113 ser 1A to Martham ( not actually happened yet when I typed this of course ). It is the first B10M coach on the 99s for quite a while as it is difficult to turn at Southwold with them, so they have to work the old route in up the High Street and turn at the Market place…which takes a couple of shunts". Well they say Southwold is a retirement haven don't they ? I wonder if that's what 'The Beast' is thinking ?
Bruce says he will see some services tomorrow, but he has relatives staying so may not see much. He also says he has to go out and vote  - for the Monster Raving Looney X1 party of course, as he is determined that Sam's X2 party fail in their bid to introduce proportional bustentation. Me, I'm at a polling station all day tomorrow clocking the voters in, so I hope the X1 behaves.

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