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Sunday 23rd May 2010 ~ Sunshine All The Way

How can anyone take seriously a bus with an advert for 'Space Chimps 2 in HD' ? I didn't get where I am today by advertising 'Space Chimps 2 in HD' !! 569 heads eastbound on the 09.10 from Peterborough this morning carrying some passengers bemused at having their picture taken.

Another contentious advert borne by 37577 encouraging the masses to travel by Easy Jet to Paris & Madrid. Surely the Costa Del Walpole Highway will suffice in this weather ? This was the 11.08 from the Highway to Peterborough today.

37567 was still being very noisy when seen passing Walton Highway at 11.20, about 10 late. Note also the lack of a nearside advert - rare these days.

37570 heads eastbound on the 16.10 from Peterborough today.
A bit of a picture post this as not much to report. Services in the middle of the day were delayed a little by the extra traffic heading to the coast, but otherwise a quiet day on which the ten turns were worked by Geminis 37563/4/7/8/9, 37570/2/6/7 & B7 37156.

Tonight the last westbound service to Peterborough was about 8 late leaving King's Lynn with 37563 and .......get the earplugs, it has the fan problem too !

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