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Sunday 30th May 2010 ~ Brief and To The Point !

37563 has the fan problem and is making a lot of noise currently. Here it passes Walpole on the 11.10 from Peterborough eastbound today.
All B9s today, viz 37563/3/4/5/7, 37574/5/7/8/9. Almost all services seemed to run on time which probably reflects today's disappointing weather. At least today's picture was taken in the sun.
Harry sent me an email and says "Hi, just in case you want to know I saw coach 20115 at Salhouse near Wroxham today at about 3pm. It had no destination displayed and was driving through Salhouse with lights on  empty. This didn't surprise me though because First do not run a Sunday Service through Salhouse. Just wondered if anyone knew why it was here? ".
Well over to you readers ......

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