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Thursday 13th May 2010 ~ I'll Be Back

Well hopefully anyway..... this is my last blog for a week as I'm off on holiday. My departure coincides with that of 20107 which worked K1 this morning, but which was replaced at Lowestoft by 37566. So I leave you in the hands of a totally low floor service, but any developments will be monitored by our regular team headed by Bruce. Please send any updates to my usual email address and I will do a combined blogathon when I return.
Today there was a minor blip early on with the two services due past me (just outside Wisbech) at 09.20, both appearing at 09.34, these being K4 with 37576 and Y7 with 37565. after this things were pretty much on time, the exception being K16 14.35 from Peterborough with the perpetually late 568 which contrived to be 14 late.
37562 on K17 once again departed Wisbech a couple of minutes early on the 14.18 to Peterborough. Today saw the return to traffic of B9 37567 which last worked an X1 on Friday 7th. It appeared on L12 but is still without any advertising on the nearside. It may well have been to Volvo for warranty repairs, or possibly an MOT at Yarmouth.

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