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Saturday May 8th 2010 ~ Oh No ! Not another fire ?

A thoroughly miserable day weatherwise and ony a few X1s seen by myself, although Bruce and Rob B helped to paint the full picture. 37562 was due its fortnightly safety service, so it worked K5 and its regular turn, K17, was handed over to 37575. Lowestoft's 37565 was removed from K4 at King's Lynn tonight with a brake problem and B7 37156 worked forward at 19.35 to Lowestoft. Last night it was Y6 which was in trouble. 37574 refused to restart at Lynn at 18.00 and Paragon 20501 took over taking it through to Lowestoft. This morning 501 did L11. L8 meanwhile was stalwart 20127.
Rob B took 37563 on the 21.05 Peterborough - King's Lynn tonight, along with a few victorious Leeds United fans, however, on approaching Wisbech they were diverted away from South Brink because .... yes you've guessed it, another building fire on the North Brink opposite. This required additional water relayed from the south side of the river, hence the closure of the normal X1 route into Wisbech.
Late tonight 37573 working K2 was replaced by 37564 for the last trip back to King's Lynn.

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