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Tuesday 25th May 2010 ~ Letters to Juliet

Most of the Lowestoft and Yarmouth overnight berthed Geminis reappeared today with new nearside adverts for 'Letters to Juliet' replacing various versions of the Easy Jet advert. New rear advert campaigns on the fleet include another for LV. Com and more locally Wests Garage of King's Lynn.
After a comparitively quiet period, things livened up today. K1 started the day with 37568, but this was stopped for a service and Royale 34108 took over, its first X1 duty for over 3 weeks. K2 had 37569 early on, but this afternoon it is thought to have been cancelled west of Lynn as 20501 on K3 was fairly wedged on what is normally a lightly loaded service at 16.48 from Wisbech to Peterborough.
K5 was the day's highlight with B10M 20109 being provided. Sam couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the venerable coach in Norwich. B7s 37156/7/9/60 were all in use, leaving 37158 on King's Lynn local work.
Rob Brooks reports a pedestrian being struck by a lorry near King's Lynn station just after lunch and K16 13.15 to Peterborough with 37157 was consequently delayed by 15 minutes. Otherwise, punctuality was good.
37564 had an exam at Lowestoft today, while 37562 & 37577 were both absent at the western end today.

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