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Saturday May 29th 2010 ~ Delays and Destinations

Saturdays are very hit and miss for punctuality these days. Within 5 minutes of schedule is pretty much X1 standard time and thankfully delays in excess of this are rare for such a frequent and demanding service.
I saw several services today, but it was around lunchtime at Wisbech where things seem to have gone wrong.
37565 on L12 was seen 9 late heading to Peterborough, I missed Y13 but was then surprised to see K14 departing the Horsefair 29 late with 37573. A little further down the B198 I passed K15, itself 15 late with 37579. I did see Y13 returning into Wisbech bound for Lowestoft with 37567 running 17 late. After this the timetable seemed to right itself.
Yesterday's accident victim 37576 was of course absent today and a total low floor scenario was avoided by the welcome appearance of Royale 34108 on K18. The trend towards Geminis converting to large style destination displays continues, all the B7s carry this style and noted newly amended today was 37572. Originally only 37575/6/8/9 were programmed with the large font, but now the only survivors with narrow font displays are 37564/8/9, 37570/7/9. Of these 37579 is the odd one out as it was originally large font, but was altered during a visit to Volvo.
There were a couple of swaps today with 37568 on K1 being changed at Lowestoft for the noisy 37563 and L9 with 37569 and Y10 with 37157 had their vehicles reversed this evening, indicating either a spot of overtaking or alternatively a problem this evening with the B7.

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