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Monday May 3rd 2010 ~ Subtle Changes

So a Bank Holiday Monday with a Sunday service and little to report. Delays during the middle of the day were expected due to volumes of traffic and the 15.08 to Peterborough and 15.10 to Lowestoft were both observed at Walpole Highway running 14 minutes late with 37570 & 37563 respectively.
37562 was on the equivalent of its normal weekday turn and was the 14.08 to Peterborough seen 16 late. 562 was also in action yesterday, so little rest for this one.
34108 was also out again today, it worked the 07.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough and 11.10 back to Lowestoft where it was retired for a well earned rest. 37577 returned in its place from Lowestoft and 37579 was sent empty to Yarmouth to get some B9s back in action.
B10M 20127 looks to have replaced 37570 this evening on the 20.48 from Lowestoft. 37563 which had been resting since last Wednesday has re-emerged with a new rear ad for Bennetts TV.

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