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Thursday 27th May 2010 ~ Wave The Magic Wand

Alright, we know it is their job, but today was a good example of how that as soon as a Gemini collapses, another (as if by magic - a bit like the shopkeeper, for those of a certain age) is sure to appear for the powers that be.
Chatting to Bruce this morning at just after 08.30 we awaited the first through westbound service from the coast as usual, expecting to see a B9. Instead about 11 late along came dear old 20118. It had come to the rescue of 37575 which had been unable to proceed beyond King's Lynn for some reason. Unfortunately traffic conspired to make 118 20 late coming back from Peterborough, however, here enters the magic wand and on arrival at Lynn the 11.02 to Lowestoft departed with a hastily produced 37577 which had been absent since arriving at Lynn on Monday night. A visit to Volvo would seem to account for this.
L10 ran with 37156 this morning, it being swapped for 37572 at Lowestoft this afternoon.

Syd sends rather distressing news :   Gerard, your favorite coach 20107 has been removed from service for its Pre MOT Inspection and as expected many faults were listed, some serious. It has been taken off the pit and parked nose-in at the rear of Gasworks Road with the report in the cab. Its fate now rests on the decision to authorise the expenditure or withdraw it. Fingers crossed, but it cannot now re-enter service until recitification takes place despite still being in ticket. The Tri-axles are still making guest appearances on the X1 shorts, 30101 being seen tonight on the 1725 Lowestoft to Gt Yarmouth. I think it is wonderful these superb machines ( as long as you dont have to drive one ) still get a thrash on an Express Service at their age". 
 I suppose the news on 107 was predictable, so now we have to wait and see. Speaking of Tri-axles, it reminds me that a few years ago one Saturday evening, following an A47 riot, two of the monsters turned up at Lynn on incoming X1s, both being promptly sent packing on the Sunday morning first thing.
One of our regular Yarmouth correspondents adds "20126 is away being repaired at the moment - possibly a new engine. Withdrawn Olympian 34872 has gone to Erith Commercials scrap dealer and we have only 2 remaining in service here 34921 and 34333. Other condemned stuff includes Darts 46725 and 46726 47215 47217 46807 and Tri-axle 30100 which are all to follow,  not much left of them now, one even has windows removed !"
Noisy 37567 was taken off the road today for attention to its malfunctioning fan and 37574 was successfully given its MOT, being back at Vancouver Avenue tonight. Royale 34108 was allocated to K18 today which is normally a B7 turn which ends at Great Yarmouth. Finally 20501 worked K19, but was unable to work the final leg this evening and Syd reports it at Lowestoft garage overnight. 37564 worked back to Lynn instead having come in to Lowestoft on K2.
Services through Wisbech averaged around 6 late from lunchtime, but K3 with 37159 was 13 late departing as the 16.48 to Peterborough.

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