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Sunday May 2nd 2010 ~ Just The Ticket

The X1 now requires 10 vehicles in the Sunday timetable, but today we know at least 11 if not more were used.
I viewed the 11.10 departure from Walpole Highway to Lowestoft this morning and was surprised to find it was Royale 34108 on the job. Coming the other way, but 15 minutes late due to delays caused by the Great Eastern Run taking place in King's Lynn was Gemini 37564. The latter had regained all this lost time by this evening.
Comparison of rears may not be a usual aspect associated with bus websites, but nevertheless here is 37156 seen from behind and showing the offset destination box which is a giveaway at night.
.... and here is 34108 photographed this morning and also featuring an AXA insurance ad occupying a higher position than seen on the Geminis.

B7 37156 was out today working the 13.05 from Peterborough, but highlight of the day was caused by the inability of the ticket machine on 37577 to work properly. This resulted in 20127 replacing it at Lynn tonight on this turn which appropriately finishes at Great Yarmouth.
More unadvertised Bank Holiday weekend sunshine with 37570 approaching Walton Highway this afternoon as the 17.10 to Peterborough.

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