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Saturday May 10th 2010 ~ May Day Mayhem

Saturdays are normally relatively incident free, but that could not be said of today. I wasn't near the route for much of the time but have managed to piece together what happened with some help from Rob Brooks. Firstly, yesterday's disruption meant that instead of 37565, 37568, 37578 & 37157 returning to Lynn last night, instead swaps saw 37564/6/7 & 37156 come in instead.
20107 proving that a coach is man's best friend - well at least as far as King's Lynn !

My first sightings of the day were at Walpole Highway just after 10.30 with 34108 passing through on Y10 and going the other way, 'The Beast' on Y6 09.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft. For unknown reasons 20107 was taken off this trip at Lynn and replaced by 37576 - possibly heavy loadings were anticipated ? 20107 then made the short but highly unusual journey to Rowan Road. The compound there is usually reserved for King's Lynn town & local buses plus any B7s not working on Excel.
After lunch I thought I'd take advantage of the good weather which was the opposite of what was forecast and try and get a picture of 37562 on K17. Taking up my chosen spot, I was surprised to find K17 one minute early with 37569 ! Well as you've probably guessed, this turned out to be K16 running 29 minutes late. K17 was indeed 37562 running a few minutes behind. Later in the afternoon, 37562 was sent to Vancouver Avenue and it is not known what (if anything) went forward on K17.

The first of three X1s I saw within 10 minutes today : 37569 on K16 seen near Faulkner's Tunnel running 29 late this afternoon.
37574 with 'Squares' ad was on time with Y13 13.05 from Peterborough approaching Walpole Highway

37562 heads for Peterborough with very few passengers on K17 before it retired for an early bath

A visit to King's Lynn at 19.15 saw 37578 arriving 'not in service' at Hardwick on L9, while Y7 which was due in an hour earlier didn't seem to have arrived. Certainly something odd was happening as later 20127 turned up instead of a B9 on one of the terminating X1s, possibly K19 which should have been 37579.

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