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Saturday 22nd May 2010 ~ What a Racket

The fine weather which is forecast to fade away in the next few days, again saw the crowd heading to the coast and throwing a spanner into the works of the X1 timetable in the process. At lunchtime K16 with 37575 was 25 late through Terrington heading to Peterborough and Bruce saw K14 with 37157 off route on the Peterborough northern bypass with 'not in service' on the blinds, although passengers were on board. This leads me to last night when Jamie R reports a passenger at Queensgate bemoaning the 'no show' of L8 and having to wait 90 minutes for L10. L8 with 37564 was seen heading into King's Lynn a little late, but with 'not in service' showing at 21.30.
The normally reliable 37562 was taken off the road today needing a new brake caliper, so K17 was worked by 37576 instead.
A complete low floor experience was avoided today by the use of Paragon 20501 on K3, from which it was removed at 16.15 and replaced by 37573. This was to enable 501 to have a thorough clean before working a 'private hire' to London tomorrow.
Finally the racket referred to above belongs to 37567 which was deafening bystanders who witnessed K1 today, the fan problem experienced by 37570 seems to have afflicted 567 also. Now where's that warranty card ?

I ventured up to Walpole Highway at lunchtime in the forlorn hope that the good weather might provide an outing for 'The Beast' on L12, the Saturday short turn which does just a Lowestoft - Peterborough return trip - alas 37565 which had been absent since Monday was battered into shape to work the turn.

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