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Wednesday 12th May 2010 ~ Fill Me Up

20107 on L10 passing through Walpole at just after 8pm this evening.

As I've mentioned before, scarcely a day goes by now when a Lowestoft bound evening bus doesn't have to make an unscheduled stop at Vancouver Avenue for refuelling. I think the record stands at three such services in one night ! I cannot ever recall this happening when coaches were in use, so presumably the B9s use more fuel and a tankful is often insufficient to last the day. Tonight 37570 was the visitor on Y6 20.35 to Lowestoft.
Paragon 20501 found itself deputising once more today because 37564 failed to appear on Y7. It is not known whether the B9 set out from Yarmouth, but it is confirmed that it visited Volvo at some point in the proceedings. 501 was not seen by Bruce or myself going to Peterborough and it is thought that it made a quick run via the A47 bypasses to regain the turn commencing with the 10.05 from Peterborough.
37567 was again absent but Lowestoft sent out 'The Beast' on L10 instead of 20127. King's Lynn meanwhile unusually used 37568 on internal turn K5.
K1 began the day with 37563 but this was changed for freshly serviced 37569 at Lowestoft. At least punctuality was good with 8 minutes being the biggest defecit westbound.
On the King's Lynn schools front, John W says "Monday morning the three for schools were 20118/21/20501 but on Tuesday morning 20121 and 20123 were seen. I guess the third was not in. as held in traffic while on X40 (that would indicate 20118 was the third). You may see on the Yahoo group that a B10B/Wright 60304 was a visitor (?) at Lynn this morning showing Driver Training on the display. The vehicle was not showing L-plates".

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