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Friday 14th November 2008 ~ It's All Over - Well Almost

Well I guess I've now acheived the object of this blog, i.e. to document the introduction of the new fleet of X1 Geminis. With a handful of B10s left to help out and all the B12s now temporarily retired, I hope we can continue to report when possible unlikely events.
So to Friday's report and today the combination of Wisbech roadworks and FST resulted in some pretty heavy delays. 20105 on L13 was on time from Wisbech at 11.31, but was 48 late returning, while the following two services avoided passing me at work presumably by taking the western end of the Wisbech bypass. Next eastbound past me was 20104 on K16 running 35 late and followed 6 minutes later by 20111 on K17. 47 minutes then elapsed before 37569 went east on K18 and a further 18 minutes before 37576 (complete with side advert) on K3 at 16.21 (only 17 late). The afternoon part of K20 had a Gemini for the first time today in the shape of 37574.
Apparently L13 19.59 Lynn - Peterborough is likely to remain a B10 working for a while as drivers seem uncertain as to whether Geminis are suitable for working the 23.00 Lynn - Hunstanton due to obstacles (trees I guess) in the Heacham region.
In addition to the nine Paragons stored at Rowan Road, 20114/127 are also out of service there as well as 20120 still dumped at Vancouver Avenue.

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