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Friday 31st October 2008 ~ All Hallows Whatdunit ?

Almost every diagram swapped vehicle today at some point either at Lynn or Lowestoft. The continuing delays due to traffic congestion and the Gemini speed factor made a mockery of the timetable. The usual story of a Gemini being tailed by a coach came from Bruce today who saw L13 12.18 ex Peterborough passing Walpole Highway 33 late with an unidentified B9 (believed to be 37573) and followed closely by 20142 on Y14. The latter was a chuck out from Lynn as Y14 coming in either had a problem or was very late. K4 began today with 37567 but this had already lost 8 minutes before departing Wisbech for the coast at 09.39 (actual 09,47) and this evening was in Lynn garage while K4 had 'become' 37565 seen 20 late at Walsoken at 17.13 and 31 late on arrival back at Lynn (due 19.07). The Gemini which worked the 17.09 Wisbech - Lowestoft seems to have arrived empty from Lynn. 37568 on K1 07.48 P'bo - Lowestoft was swapped at Lowestoft for 37566 off K3 and this was only 9 late on the 16.01 Wisbech - Peterborough, however, it was later seen at Rowan Road compound when it should have been en route to Lowestoft on the 18.12 from Lynn.
The two B7 Profiles in service will both be at Lowestoft/Yarmouth tonight after working K2 and K20. 20114 which began the day on K5 was also at Rowan Road, 20103 having replaced it and 20502 came into Vancouver Avenue with 42 Fairstead Estate & Bus station on the front - the first time I have ever seen a Paragon with the correct service number and destination for this town route. 20501 returned today and took over K15 at Lowestoft after 37563 had lost time on the inward, this then appeared on K17. 20126 did K19, the X2 turn, for the second consecutive day.
Peter reported seeing his first Gemini today, 37568 on K1 (see above) while Neville (tongue in cheek) reported 20102 on the X22 07.45 Colchester - Stansted (buy a road map Nev !). I wonder if 20500/01 will end up on this route ? At the moment it is hard to see how the X1 could cope without the stalwart B10s and B12s.
20141 was back at Lynn tonight with a water leak and brake defect, but no sign of 20507. 20508 had moved into Vancouver Avenue for body repairs and 20509 had moved around the compound at Rowan Road.

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Jamie Vendy said...

37573 was @ low bus station which sat there for 90mins plus i will wail image to you g soon.