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Saturday 15th November 2008 ~ A Few Observations

With a friend staying today, my observations were very limited. Cheryl spotted Gemini 37570 this morning on J11 which on Saturdays begins and ends at Yarmouth/Lowestoft. The football made this turn late to tonight and it was about 28 late heading to Peterborough compared to the usual 10-15 when a coach. Y9 is the only weekday turn which begins and ends at Lowestoft and the same applies on Saturdays, today it was 37563 which may mean it at last gets a day off on Sunday. Saturday's Y9 is normally idle at Lowestoft on Sunday. 37573 was stopped for a service at Lynn today and 37564 was also undergoing repair plus servicing. Michael saw 37577 at Lowestoft depot today, it has not worked since Tuesday. 20119 was ready to work and 20117/24 were undergoing maintenance there.
Profile 20351 was failed at Thorney tonight at 17.15 after its lights failed and a fitter had to attend. Meanwhile 20352 replaced a Gemini on J10 today and somewhere along the line 37579 on K5 was replaced by 20127 which was seen on time on the 16.39 Wisbech - Yarmouth.
20141/142 & (shocks) 20500 were utilised on rail replacement work today.
Bruce saw 20111 at Walpole this morning - he couldn't decide whether it was 26 late on the 08.48 ex P'bo (K4) or 4 early on the following 09.18 (K6). In any event, this evening it was on K6 when seen running about 10 late at Terrington. Another B10 out today was 20104 on L12.

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