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Saturday 8th November 2008 ~ A Grand Night Out

Most unusual event today was this evening when a local social club hired out 20501 for an excursion. It was being cleaned thoroughly at Vancouver Avenue this afternoon in preparation and had 'Private Hire' on the destination indicators. May be the hirers had heard it will be on its way shortly and wanted a last run for old times sake lol.

I didn't see all the X1 turns today so what came out of Lowestoft and Yarmouth this morning is not completely clear. 20506 certainly did but was removed at Lynn on its way back to Lowestoft and placed into storage at Rowan Road prior to reallocation. 20107 looks to have replaced it. This afternoon I encountered 37563 running 29 late on K7 (14.59 Lynn - Peterborough) and this was followed about 2 minutes behind by 20103 on K1.
Geminis 37570/2/4/7 were all at Rowan Road today and should be in service on Monday when a further 4 are scheduled to arrive. Registrations of those at the compound are AU58 ECT/ECW/ECY and EDF.
Lynn sent out the following this morning on the X1 : 37563/8/9/73, 20502/04 , 20103/04/17 and 20351/352.

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