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Friday 28th November 2008 ~ The Barbies versus the Barbars

Not a lot noted today by us here in the west. The weather was damp and dismal and fog took a while to lift. Undoubted highlight of the day was 20131 getting a trip to Peterborough on the X1 when it worked the 11.59 Lynn - P'bo and return (K15) before being taken off for further schools work. Its last X1 appearance had been on October 16th.
The other barbie liveried coach, 20127 was also in use today and was about 20 late leaving Wisbech on K1 07.48 ex Peterborough. It was then stepped down a turn at either Lowestoft or Lynn and ended up on K2 15.59 Lynn - Peterborough on which it passed Bruce 24 late. K16 09.25 Lowestoft - P'bo had 20121 which had been turned out by Lynn early on and it did the complete turn.
37572 was 33 late on K18 14.48 ex Peterborough this afternoon. Bruce paid a visit to Rowan Road, where a man was being subcontracted to insure that the Paragons are fit for further service before departure from FEC. 20508/9 are now ready to go and work has been ongoing on 20501 this week. 20114 remains o/s at Rowan Road along with 20120 at Vancouver Avenue.

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