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Saturday 1st November 2008 ~ Profiles misplaced

After yesterday's chaos, 20351 and 20352 both ended up at Yarmouth, so today they worked Y8 and Y9. The latter was removed from this at Lynn after coming in from Peterborough at 11.37 and switched to K15 11.59 back westbound, while 20111 looks to have taken Y9 forward at 11.42 to Lowestoft. Normally the B7s are rested on Saturday and this move meant that 20352 ended up at Lynn this evening. K15 had started with Gemini 37568 and this then took K16 at 12.29 to P'bo while 20501 off K16 replaced 37567 on K17 which had an electrical fault and retired for the day. Other Geminis in trouble include 37566 which had collision damage sustained on K1 last night and needs attention to the front passenger side, while 37565 is letting in water on the lower deck so Wrights have been informed.
37568/573 ended up at Lowestoft tonight. Premieres on frontline duty today were 20103/5/7/9/42. Bruce had an excellent day observing and the worst delay was to 20352 on its second trip of the day to Peterborough on K15.

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