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Wednesday 26th November 2008 ~ Work and More Work

Yes been very busy at work the past few days so no opportunity for me to take up my viewing post whilst sorting out files.
My sightings for the day are as follows : 37576 on K1 07.48 ex Peterborough once again delayed by the badly phased traffic lights outside Wisbech Tescos, it was still in the bus station at 08.51 (departure due at 08.39). A Gemini which looked like 37571 leaving Wisbech 5 late on J10 10.01 to Peterborough, 37565 only one late on L13 11,31 Wisbech - P'bo (07.45 ex Lowestoft) - this was seen on X1 shuttles by Terence yesterday , 37564 on K17 13.31 Wisbech - Peterboro about 5 late and this was followed shortly after by Y14 going east as the 13.39 Wisbech - Lowestoft about 15 late with 37567. At 17.27 there was an unidentified Profile in Wisbech bus station (either on 17.01 to P'bo or 17.09 to Lft). 37568 was approaching the town at 17.35 on K6 17.31 to P'bo. My last sightings of the day were again both Geminis with 37578 on the 20.09 Wisbech - Lowestoft (Y9), just a few minutes behind schedule and finally - quite literally 37577 on the 22.31 Wisbech - P'bo (K15) running 10 late. Until recently this service has always been a very good timekeeper.
The rest of you were luckier with your sightings and Bruce saw 20109 just 5 late on J11 07.05 Gorleston - P'bo and 20127 along next on L12 07.15 from Lowestoft. Sam also saw 20109 on time at Norwich heading east and also seen on X1s were 37566 on K2 with King's Lynn on the front instead of Peterborough and 37575 (not 571) on what appeared to be J10 was just ahead of 20109.
20142 was seen in Norwich on service 13 ! Sam and Michael also update us on the X2. 20107 was on an early X2 on Monday but then went onto K19 and on Tuesday 20103 did K19, today it was 20121 and 103 and 107 were again on X2s. All the Royales have now appeared except 34109. It wasn't all good news with the latter as Sam says "34111 came off 007 contract onto X2 stinking to high heaven of curry - I've had to wash all my clothes from today. Saloon lights also kept going on and off one side at a time then alternating - was 15 late leaving Norwich and got overtaken by 34110 at Beccles".
Bruce had a Gemini moment this morning : "37573 went by to Lynn at 10.16 - not bad time keeping. Until 37578 went by to Lynn at 10.26 on K6 - 8 late! I reckon 37573 was 28 late on K4".

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