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Thursday 27th November 2008 ~ Still Showing !

Passed Gemini 37576 on K1 this morning on the way to work, it still has its advert on the drivers side. The driver stopped for a chat with 37568 on Y8 outside Bruce's abode, both services were running about 10 late. For most of the day, X1s took the alternative route westbound from Wisbech via the A1101 Churchill Road to join the bypass at Elme Hall. This rather inconveniently meant that I saw very few services. Bruce saw 20351 on J10 10.48 Peterboro' - Lft which was 24 late. L12 11.48 P-L was 20 late with 37575, but this had worked forward from Lynn at 10.29 as it had started the day on K20. Y14 08.25 from Lowestoft turned up with 20109 just 4 late but this was later taken off to do Hunstanton Schools turn 5 and this evening Y14 was 37579. At about 13.52 I was following 20121 on the 13.29 Lynn - Peterborough (K18) when we passed 20109 at Faulkners Tunnel, quite a nostalgic moment. K19 (the X2 turn) began with 20117, but this was swapped during the day and either 20103 or 20107 came in on it tonight (they were both at Rowan Road having arrived on X1s). No more B12 Paragons have departed, but 20508 is having MOT and 20501 is at Vancouver Avenue. 20500/2/3/6/8/9 were all at Rowan Road tonight along with 20114. The schools turns this afternoon were 20105/9/18 which were also all present as were 20351/2 as well as Geminis 37572/3. 65527 was present with slight collision damage. The garage contained 37563 & 37575 as well as 20120/501.
37577 on K5 15.48 ex Peterborough was 33 late through Walpole Highway tonight and the following K7 with 37574 was 22 minutes behind time. K20 17.17 Norwich - Peterborough was 20111 tonight and I can confirm that this turn still does a schools diagram from Gaywood Park to Gayton and East Winch before running light to Norwich each afternoon.
Advance apologies now as the next blog will probably be on Sunday. I am travelling to Norwich (by the X1 !!!) tomorrow night and I'm in York on Saturday.

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