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Tuesday 25th November 2008 ~ Bingo

Yes the advert referred to on 20104/127 is for Tombola/Bingo, so I don't know where I got a mobile phone company from. 20107 was out today on K16 13.01 Wisbech - Peterborough and like 20104 has had its Just Jobs Suffolk ad replaced by the aforementioned Bingo ad. Only other report of a Premiere today was 20111 on Y14 12.01 Wisbech - P'bo seen by Bruce. In total I only saw four X1s today, so there may well have been others out. The first westbound departure from Yarmouth (Y8) with 37565 was 15 late this morning due to an accident at East Winch.
Thanks to Andrew for confirming that Geminis are being used on Lynn schools turns as required.

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ECBusman said...

Hello Gerard,
I saw a Premiere on this day at roughly 4.40pm on the Gorleston - Lowestoft dual-carriageway (Lowestoft Bound). The vehicle was Excel liveried and branded but idents unknown. Also, AU58 ECD seen at the stop before Gorleston High Street - Norwich Bound - at 11.00am ish on Yarmouth Shuttles.