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Thursday 20th November 2008 ~ The Mating Game

There were more ridiculous events today involving the Gemini B9s. We have mentioned before about them being unable to recover lost time in anything other than perfect traffic conditions and today's sightings confirm this. Firstly as I left work I encountered 37574 arriving at Wisbech at 17.09 heading west with a twin 3756something attached, again not a car between them. These must have been K2 running 42 late and K4 a mere 12 late. Then this evening, by which time under the coach regime things would have been back to timetable, a similar occurrence was witnessed at Walsoken with 37576 on Y8 to King's Lynn being followed by 37568 on Y9 to Lowestoft running 35 and 5 late respectively. What impression this makes on the travelling public is open to debate, it must be a bit galling to have waited in excess of 30 minutes for your bus, to find two arriving at once.
Other white elephant displays today included 37573 on J11 11.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft running 23 late and at teatime K5 15.48 Peterborough to Yarmouth was yet again 28 late at Wisbech with 37563. I was surprised to see K18 10.25 Lowestoft to Peterborough with 37571 on time this afternoon. 37572 on L13 07.45 ex Lowestoft is believed to have taken the A47 bypass to Wisbech after which it was 13 minutes late.
B10s seen in service today were 20127 which Bruce saw running 2 late on J10 10.48 ex Peterboro' and 20121 on L12 07.15 ex Lowestoft and the 11.48 return on which latter service it was 3 early arriving at Wisbech.
John says "There is a warning of serious hold-ups on A 47 from Thursday 8 pm through to early Monday when the new roundabout at Honingham is joined up to the A47. Things should be normal with the new twister operative by Monday, but all are advised to steer clear of the area during the stated work period. 20131 (and 34921) on 41 today. 20109 on Bus station middle showing X1". John continues with an interesting observation......"Did you know this week marks the 3rd anniversary of the low floor decker on X1 ? -Do I mean 3 weeks........... No - 3 YEARS ! On 18/11/2005 a blue P&R B7TL 32481 (AU53 HJY) was seen by me leaving KL
for Peterborough at 11.29. Looked very nice too !" Yes I remember it well John, I was gutted when Judith phoned me about an hour after it had left Wisbech on Y14 heading back east on a beautiful sunny afternoon, asking me if we had a new fleet of buses ! Missed my photo opportunity.

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